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Plumadore was arrested Monday night after he allegedly confessed to killing Lemmon last Thursday by striking her multiple times in the head with a brick. Plumadore continued to tell detectives that on late Thursday night or early Friday morning, he dismembered Lemmon's body with a hacksaw and then placed the smaller pieces in freezer bags and disposed of most of them in a dumpster at a nearby business. Plumadore said he still had Lemmon's head, feet and hands in his freezer.


edit: dudes name is apparently trollface friendly.

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wtf was he going to use the feet, hands and head for? finish his incest/necrophilia fetish? she's dead but she can still give head n a handjob!


Fucking disgusting. Lots of the residents of the trailer park are sex offenders, too. Apparently this guy wasn't on the list, but who knows what he has done before. I'm guessing officials will find this poor little girl was molested.

When will we bring back real justice for crimes like this?

There is absolutely no place on this earth for someone who beats a 9 year old to death with a brick.


wont you be my neighbor?
Fucking scum. I only can HOPE he receives real justice in prison. A slow dismemberment is not enough for this peice of shit. I would kill for ten minutes alone with this shithead. All I require is a 150 psi air compressor and a spork and I could deliver justice fit for this subhuman.

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