Knock Knock
These are great! I love this sht. Gotta wonder abt the abandoned dentist office - xray room
with the bloodied broken window. machinery looks 80s but chair upholstery newer. The wedding pic in the apt is around 1948 I think.
That wedding photo..

Roger Escude

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That is downstairs in the basement, I like it when they show the inside of that chapel when he stuck the cell phone that was recording on that selfie stick into that broken window and it showing show the inside of an old chapel that hasn’t been inside of in god knows how long
I knew I recognize these pictures from that video
Those were awesome photos. Thanks for that. The homes would clean up nicely with a little dusting, the vehicles a quick run through the car wash. Both need a little pixie dust though. It would be so cool if we could see them all revived.


We've all got to get together and form one of those urban exploration groups, but first we all have to pinky promise not to hurt or kill eachother without prior consent.