actresses/celebs who I believe have stinky cunts


La contingence de l'existence
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Miley Cyrus


If Florence Nightengale and Hitler had a daughter
It's all about ph balance, if they're not stable mentally, most likely their body chemistry is off and they'll smell like a pier in San Francisco:tampon:


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Carrie fisher, before star wars reboot killed her.
Amy Winehouse obv before death
I went to school with a lass who always stank of fish. Any idea why that would be? She wasn't necessarily scummy or getting much dick. I told her years later in a club when she told me I was too fucked. I'd worked all week,went out got fucked. No crime, but she lectured me. Looking back I believe she was trying to help .but nevermind spoilt that one.


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I saw that puffy Dr Christian on that embarrassing bodies programme once this lass was saying me box stinks doctor he says ahhh your washing it too much !!! Yeah right.