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Isn't it always nice when a dirty hook nosed kike founds a foundation with the word 'freedom' in it but then just bitches and bitches about freedom of expression? "Clearly outrageous", right Mr Weinstein?


Days after the Marines apologized for a flag resembling the Nazi “SS” symbol, new questions are being raised about an Army base in Afghanistan reportedly called “Combat Outpost Aryan.”

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which first raised the controversy over the “SS” photograph, is now demanding that the outpost be renamed and the circumstances surrounding the naming of the base be investigated.

MRFF founder Mike Weinstein told that he was contacted by numerous U.S. and Afghan soldiers who were upset about the name of the base and wanted it changed. He said he felt compelled to go forward with a complaint.

The word “Aryan” is associated with Nazis and white supremacists. A once-prominent white supremacist group called itself “Aryan Nations,” and the Nazis used the term to refer to a planned master race.

An attorney for the New Mexico-based foundation on Monday sent a letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta calling the implications of the name “clearly outrageous.”

“Today’s stunning information concerning the base near Kandahar being named ‘Aryan’ is simply too much to be coincidental,” the attorney, Randal Mathis, said in the letter. “Viewing either as trivially inadvertent would be preposterous. The horrendous religious and ethnic connotations are beyond dispute.…”


By the way, here is an Aryan child that lives in Pakistan. There are still pockets of Aryan peoples living in the whole region, mostly in secluded mountain areas, that have been living their for centuries.


Mr. Weinstein also knows this, but Mr Weinstein can't take any chances. What if the outpost really was named after the evil Nazi Aryans?? :<_>: The earth would probably crumble and 22 billion Jews would die in the process if Mr. Weinstein didn't act right away.


Here is a picture of someone who's tribe is also from the general region. The only difference though is this parasites tribe is the Jewish tribe. A tribe that has inflicted more misery upon this world than all war, famine and disease put together since the dawn of time.


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