After The Laughter(Comes The Tears) (1 Viewer)

Mr. Mayhem

Into the damning all go.
You can't cry because you were warned
The signs stared you right in the face
This telltale heart burned and scorned
All I want to do is escape this place
Those smiles stab like poison daggers
Turned inside out, hanging upside down
Falling and falling until I shatter
I walk around with this cracked crown
The cycle repeats itself, endlessly

You shouldn't smile like that
An awkward reception with no invites
Now you wished you wished you didn't laugh
Savor the tears and cherish those lies
Because it's all going to come crashing down

So now you want to take it all back
You made your choice no more resets
This day will stay forever trapped
It's ok because I know what comes next
This keeps getting better and better
Your naive charms and heart blinded
Written like a black and white letter
Inside you, everything is dying
You repeat the cycle, endlessly

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