AIPAC - Attack Iran!! NOW!! (1 Viewer)


Congress: We've already attacked two countries for you. One we even had to completely lie to the public about the reason for it, the other one we only had to lie about 90% the reason for it. C'mon.. Iran now?

AIPAC: Oy Vey, Goyim. That was yeaaars ago. Vhat have you done for us this year?? Do six million more have to die before you act?? Must we remind you that you only give Israel $20 billion dollars a year? Ve could never attack Iran vith just that much. And we are Jews. You are only cattle. ATTACK! NOW! CHUTZPAH!


Late last week, amid little fanfare, Senators Joseph Lieberman, Lindsey Graham, and Robert Casey introduced a resolution that would move America further down the path toward war with Iran.


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