Alex Ramon Maquera Atencio


Alex Ramon Maquera Atencio

Alias: "The Fool's Hammer"
Rating: Serial Murderer
Features: Drugs - Robberies
Number of victims: 8
Activity Period: January 24/5/6 March / December 19, 2004
Detention Date: December 19, 2004
Date of birth: December 10, 1979
Profile victims: Jose Ninaja Velez, 26 / His sister Priscilla Maquera (34) and her husband Rafael Pezo, 36, and his four nephews: Amelia, 13, Jackeline, 7, Ivan, 17, and Diego, 12 / Mina Fidel Mamani, 45
Method of killing: White Weapon - Hammer Blows - Strangulation
Location: Tacna, Peru has
Status: Sentenced to life imprisonment in November 2005

Sentenced to life imprisonment for "Fool's Hammer"

November 2, 2005

Although the maximum penalty will not be sufficient to pay the 8 murders he committed, the Criminal Chamber presided by Judge Jose de la Barra and that integrate voice and Jorge Ramiro Bernejo Armaza, sentenced to life imprisonment by Alex Atencio Maquera homicide and HZP rape against minor and to pay civil damages of 120,000 nuevos soles in favor of the heirs of the victims.

Visibly relaxed, wearing a brown wool cafarena and black pants, Alex Maquera Atencio entered the courtroom of Criminal Pocollay to hear the reading of his sentence for the murders he committed in 2004.

During sentencing the "Mad Hammer" was silent and downcast, listening to the story of his crimes and under heavy police guard.

After the sentencing, the moderator Jorge Armaza voice, addressed Maquera Alex Atencio and asked if he was satisfied with the sentence, but the defendant only replied "I reserve the right".

While effected the sentencing, relatives of the eight victims of the "Fool's Hammer", remained at the gates of Criminal Pocollay demanding the maximum penalty for Maquera Alex Atencio.

Loa lawyers of the families of the victims, Hugo Mora and Jaime Gallardo showed their agreement with the statement and indicated that although civil damages will not return to their loved ones will be a moral incentive.

A serial murderer moved to Peru

Medical student killed 8 people hammering

La Plata, Friday December 24, 2004

The crimes occurred during the last ten months. The first victim was his best friend, and then followed his sister, his brother and four nephews. I discovered after having killed a trader

When relatives asked Alex Ramon Maquera (25) by his sister, his brother and his nephews, he responded that they were traveling in Arequipa. Even Priscilla showed the letters sent to him telling him that went well, and would return for the holidays this year. It was just a vicious maneuver, to hide the grisly end of the family.

The True Story took months to come to light and became known these days, when Peruvian police moved into the neighborhood Gregorio Albarracin, where he lived the young medical student. Only his satanic posters kept him company.

They suspected it had something to do with the disappearance of the trader Mina Fidel Mamani, because his wife had seen there. Alex led him to sell supposedly a refrigerator. Do not imagine that a murderer had found that since last January he took the lives of eight people, six of them their own relatives. Contradiction was his answer when the whereabouts of the trader which aroused suspicions.

Then began the chilling tale. Maquera hammering confessed that killed thirty at least, the merchant Mamani, and that minutes before being stopped thinking butcher.

The interrogation lasted, and Alex decided to tell the truth. He said his sister Priscila Maquera (34) and her husband Rafael Pezo (36), also murdered hammering on March 15, and the next day did the same with his four nephews: Amelia (13),
Jackeline (7), Ivan (17) and Diego (12).

After six bodies were extracted from the pit which made ​​digging in the yard of the house of his sister, Mariscal Cáceres in the neighborhood. Oscar Ponce Begazo The prosecutor said the bodies were crushed skulls, were wrapped in blankets and tied with ropes.

AlexMaquera was present. He showed composure and cynicism creepy, "Characteristic of an insane mind in laque seems no signs of repentance for the crimes committed in cold blood," said the prosecutor. No more victims are discarded.

All crimes were motivated by money then spend on drugs or nights out.

IBA to carve VICTIM

Alex had said the merchant Maquera Mina Fidel Mamani, 45, in his home, located in the district of Gregorio Albarracin, on the pretext of selling used items. Once there, they discussed and Alex Maquera blasted to death on Fidel Mina, then took a hammer and killed him asestándole 40 hammer. Then he went to a hardware store, where he bought a saw, a saw and a machete in order to dismember your victim. When police entered the home of Alex Maquera found the murderer in the midst of a frightening scenario: the place was completely splattered with blood.

But the worst was revealed during interrogation that he was subjected to the murderer, who coolly creepy confessed that he had killed his friend in January and six members of his own family in March.

Buried victims of "Mad Hammer"

December 24, 2004

Alex crimes Maquera Atencio, nicknamed the "Mad Hammer", were so brutal and macabre, costing admit that occurred in Tacna and not part of the latest Hollywood thriller. Our neighbors are still tacneños beaten and shocked by the death of the eight victims of this medical student 25 years appeared to be a regular guy.

Before yesterday four victims were buried: his sister Priscila Maquera Atencio (32), their children Jacqueline (7) and Diego Villalobos Maquera (12) and nephew Ivan Cusihuallpa Maquera (17) were buried in the cemetery of Tacna. Flocked to the place relatives, neighbors, friends and Grau Market traders, where Priscilla was selling chicken.

At Mass, the priest Messiah Neyra regretted the violence prevailing in Tacna. He said that one should support the values ​​that are born of God, for "lack of values ​​in the people who want to become animals eat each other.

Priscilla protested near find that she and the children deserved to be buried elsewhere. Since the family did not have enough resources to fund the funeral, had to request support for the Public Welfare Tacna, whose officials got a space in the cemetery above.


Like many serial murderers, Alex Atencio was inspired by a film to commit their heinous crimes. It chose "The 7 Deadly Sins" and "The Bone Collector", but a pornographic type jealously guarded in his room.

Police found the violent footage in his home, located in an area which is popularly known as "Lost City". This is the tape Peruvian "Vedettes naked", whose plot was seen by a group of researchers.

Near the beginning of the film, we see a young mestizo character traits, short hair and black shirt, who by the way they look seems to be in a trance, they decided to go looking for a girl that attacks the hard and repeatedly stabs a knife in the belly and neck.

In the face of the aggressor is seen all the evil, then loaded with numbing cold body of the woman, takes her to a room, naked and sexually violated.

For the physical similarity of macabre character video called "Crazy Hammer" it appears that Alex Ramon Maquera Atencio, to commit their acts insane, was inspired by the pornographic movie, which would have seen several times when he was on hand a TV and DVD player.

They also found other animated films with excessive violence.

As you know, Alex Maquera to attack their victims used a hammer, but also a sharp knife he hid in a special bandage tied around his waist, which caused degollamientos by his own admission.

Also told that the slightest Amalia Teresa Zapana Pezo (13), after knock her out with the hammer and cut his throat, raped her sexually.


The police investigation has accelerated for the murderer to be jailed soon. Maquera not regret anything or at least does not show it in interrogations. Is aware that his criminal acts were national and international news and caused a stir in the public.

She talked about her former brother, known as Franco Villalobos. He said his full name is Francisco Huanca René Villalobos, who would be the main beneficiary with the death of Priscilla Maquera and children. "No one helped me in the killings, I just did it, no one hired me," said the newspaper "The Courier" in a police interview halftime.

Serial murderer killed eight people hammering in Tacna

December 20, 2004

The population of Tacna is shocked after revealing the existence of a serial murderer who has confessed to killing eight people hammering, six family members and which include four children.

Alex crimes Maquera Atencio, 25, a medical student and addicted to drugs, were discovered after police arrested him at his home Sunday, a day after killing Mina hammering the merchant Fidel Mamani of 45 years.

The criminal had quoted his victim in his home, located in the district of Gregorio Albarracin, on the pretext of selling used items. Once there, they discussed and Alex Maquera blasted to death on Fidel Mina, then grabbed a hammer and killed him asestándole 40 hammer. After committing the crime, the murderer left his home and went to a hardware store where he bought a saw, a saw and a machete in order to dismember his victim and his remains disappeared.

When police entered the home of Alex Maquera on Sunday, found the murderer in the midst of a frightening scenario: the place was completely splattered with blood and fingerprints were all over the savage murder. But the worst was revealed during interrogation he was subjected to the creepy murderer who confessed to killing a chill friend in January and six members of his own family in March.

More victims

The first victim was his friend Jose Alfredo Velez Ninaja (26) Alex Maquera who strangled after hitting him with a hammer on the head. The incident occurred on January 24 in the street where he lived 272 Modesto Molina's unfortunate.

On March 6, at night, Maquera murdered in the same way her sister Priscilla Lucia Maquera Atencio (32) and his brother Rafael Pezo Gutierrez (25), in his home of Marshal Andres A. Cáceres, Mz. A-22, in the Cercado de Tacna.

In the morning, the criminal finished his work macabre murdering his nephews Jacqueline Villalobos Maquera (7) and Diego Villalobos Maquera (12), Ivan Cusihuallpa Maquera (17), son of his older sister Teresa and Amalia Zapana Weight (13) niece of his brother, who was visiting in Tacna, Arequipa from. Finally, Maquera hid the bodies in a pit that sent workmen digging under the pretext of installing a water well in the house of the murdered family.

At the scene, police exhumed on Monday the six bodies of the six victims, all wrapped in blankets and tied like bundles. To mislead his family, before the disappearance of their relatives, the evil murderer wrote letters to his parents on behalf of victimized sister told them where I was out of town with his family. Police have established that the motive for the crimes committed by Maquera was money that the murderer used for fun and drug addiction. It is possible that there are more victims.

The Tacna hammer murderer coolly narrated how he committed his crimes

Alex Maquera, the mass murderer who killed eight people in Tacna, including his sister, brother and nephews, coolly narrated how he killed his first victim, a mechanic CETICOS.

"The Hammer murderer", was taken to the home of his first victim for the reconstruction of the murder.

Maquera not stop talking. The murderer, with macabre loquacity, hinted that there will be more surprises, as he left the police station in Tacna Vigil.

Handcuffed and heavily guarded was taken to the first crime scene discovered.

With a creepy chill recounted in detail how he killed his classmate Joseph Ninaja. They studied in school Coronel Bolognesi.

At the door of his house, the relatives of the murderer hoped Ninaja with banners calling for justice. They demanded life imprisonment for murder.

Meanwhile inside, the mass murderer performed reconstruction of the murder.

Alex joined the eight o'clock at the home of Joseph Ninaja to steal, but finding nothing, waited and attacked him.

This time he struck his victim with a stick, and then stab him to death several times.

Then the body was dragged to the room. Alex immediately started looking for money in every room and all I found was $ 200. Then left the area.

Neighborhood friends regretted the events and described as an introvert Maquera.

The "Mad Hammer" admits seven crimes

January 2005

Esther. A late December, Fidel Mamani Nina went to buy tools used to house Alex Maquera, a medical student of 25, in Tacna (Peru) and never returned. His wife called the police that night. The officers were to interrogate Maquera and found him with a knife, a machete, a sharpener and a hammer.

After searching the home, they also found the body of the deceased. Maquera confessed he attacked the buyer with a hammer and then strangled him to steal. When the police arrived he was about to dismember the corpse.

Already at the station, the "Mad Hammer" confessed to killing in March 2004 to his sister, his brother, his three nephews and a thirteen year old girl relative of the family. According to his version, needed money and decided to steal the savings to the sister. He killed her with a hammer and then cut his jugular. Then went to the bedroom where his brother and killed him with a hammer and stabbed. He took the money from the room and decided he must kill his nephews also "because they would miss their parents and I could not allow that," in his words reported in the newspaper La República.

Using once again, flaunting his huge consideration, waited for daylight and then attacked with a knife and hammer all the nephews and the child, which also violated as he was dying.

Then hired some laborers to dig a pit and buried the six bodies there. It also took up writing letters to other family members posing as his sister to hide his disappearance. Police suspect that may be the author of other crimes.

The Hammer murderer

Imagine it is 9:45 pm, her three young children and a teenage niece sleep, his wife is in the kitchen making coffee and you are watching a football game with his brother. Suddenly, his brother, a 25-year medical student, gets up and grabs the black bag which usually carries the books.

- Do not expect the coffee?-Question you without losing sight of the screen.

-Just go to the bathroom he replies.

- And for that you need the briefcase?

He's going to say something, but then his team scores a goal and you throw a shout of joy. His brother, briefcase in hand, enters the bathroom.

What follows you can never tell anyone. Focused on the game not get to see his brother armed with a sledgehammer and when it reacts too late: the first punch connected squarely on the forehead and second he crushes the ear and everything gets dark.

The next day in the local paper, is a picture of his body in a ridiculous position. Behind you can see the TV screen splattered with blood. Yet you got lucky, those first two hammer blows caused his death, however, his brother hit him fourteen times and then attacked his wife. She received 25 strokes and moved as yet opted cut her throat with a table knife. From there he went to the room of your children who hit numerous times with the hammer, while their faces were unrecognizable. The last was Amalia, a beautiful boy of fifteen. Alex Maquera (today known as the Hammer Murderer) after beating her and when I was in agony, he raped her.

Before that night, according to the testimonies of those who knew him, Alex was a quiet person who spoke little and dreamed of becoming a plastic surgeon. Doctors, after several analyzes practicarle said had traces of cocaine in the blood of Alex, meanwhile psychiatrists declared him psychotic, to the police is not just another hardened criminal and his other sister said in an interview that when Alex was still a child his father used to beat him and punish him for no apparent reason. In Tacna, the Peruvian people where the tragedy occurred, no one has returned to sleep peacefully.

Tacna: the Funhouse

Roxana Yufra -

December 21, 2004

For nine months the truth remained hidden to three feet underground. Neither neighbors nor family of Maquera Pezo had the slightest suspicion of what was hidden there until last weekend.

Around midnight on Saturday, 19, Lucia Cauna walked to the house to investigate Maquera Alex by her husband, the merchant Fidel Mamani Nina. Earlier he had said he would go home to buy some tools Maquera secondhand.

Lucia knocked on the door, but nobody answered. He stayed all night, sitting in front of the house Maquera. At dawn on Sunday, it finally appeared and could ask Lucia disclosed the whereabouts of your partner. Maquera said he knew nothing, but Lucia suspected something strange and told the police. An hour later he returned to the house located in the Mza A lot 3, urbanization Pedro Ruiz Gallo, accompanied by two soldiers. They waited an hour until reaching Maquera saw.

Cops were struck by a black bag that held Maquera with some embarrassment. And there was reason for suspicion. When approached, they found that there had been a knife, a machete, a sharpener and a little rusty hammer.

I stopped and called the prosecutor on duty to enter the property. In one room they found the lifeless body of Nina Fidel Mamani. There have confessed Maquera attacked with a hammer first and then strangled him with a halter. The knives of the black bag that police seized were to dismember the body of his latest victim.

He had killed the merchant for stealing 500 soles.

The news broke, dozens of neighbors surrounded the house of the murderer. They were enraged and threw stones and bottles at the doors and windows. To have found insurance Maquera had attempted lynching. But it was already in the station's Fencing Tacna.

On Monday morning the murderer was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Division (DIVINCRI) for questioning. That the detainee recounted how he killed the merchant Nina Mamani, but also began to reveal a creepy story.

At noon, correspondents reported to their newsrooms in Lima excavations that police had started in a house in the urbanization Mariscal Cáceres. When asked by reporters, more than one police tacneño was incredulous. Seeing is believing, they said. What if it is a story invented by a deluded murderer? Would this man-of just 1 meter and 62 centimeters, could kill his sister and five other relatives in less than 12 hours?

Truth unearthed

The doubts were cleared at 3 pm, when six bodies wrapped in blankets and tied with electrical cords, emerged from the bottom of a pit. It was the family's bodies Pezo Maquera and a young relative, unearthed by police after four hours of digging.

A few meters away, erect, enmarrocado, and a disconcerting smile, the murderer Alex Atencio Maquera recounted the details of his crime to the police who had dug the hole in the yard of the house.

No regrets, Alex Maquera narrated how he had murdered his sister Priscilla, his brother Rafael Pezo, Jacqueline nephews (7), Diego (11), Ivan (6) and a smaller, related to the family and identified as Amalia Teresa Sapana ( 13). All were attacked with a hammer, strangled each other throats slit.

For more absurd enough, the motivation that led this man to kill members of his own family was none other than the desire to get money for alcohol and drugs.

By his own admission, on 5 March this year, Maquera sought his sister to ask for money. Priscilla knew several thousand dollars accumulated result of savings in the family business of wholesale poultry market in Tacna.

At midnight on March 5, Maquera consummated crime. He killed his sister with a hammer on the first floor of his home in Santa Rosa Street, A-22 block, in the urbanization Mariscal Cáceres. The area, known as the Lost City in the Cercado de Tacna.

Then he cut the jugular and let him bleed.

A minute later he climbed the stairs to end the life of his brother Rafael Gutierrez Pezo. Attacked him with the hammer again and again until he lay in the middle of her bedroom and killed him with knives. She told the murderer, his clothes and bedroom walls were stained with blood Pezo. The murderer searched the room of his victims and took two thousand dollars found on a ledge.

The bodies were hidden and the murderer remained hidden until dawn.

The next morning the slaughter continued. He entered the bedroom of his nephews Jacqueline, Diego and Ivan and attacked them with a hammer.

A slew the first two, while Ivan and Amalia Sapana the strangled with an electrical cord. Amalia, the teenager was raped by Maquera as he lay dying.

"I had to kill because they would miss their parents and I could not allow it," said Alex Maquera yesterday while police passed excavations.

The alibi

Depending on the version of Maquera, then hide the bodies, left to hire three temporary workers. After doing so, he asked them to dig a grave, telling them he planned to do in the house. When they finished their work and left the workers there Maquera threw the bodies and covered with packed earth.

From day to day the Maquera Pezo gone. Suspicions were soon to arise in the home environment. To hide the crime, Maquera wrote letters to parents and siblings of victims communicating a journey of force majeure for the whole family. The "signed" Priscilla and Rafael.

In one of the letters reported Priscilla trip to Arequipa, to settle there with his family. This was an intention that he had mentioned to her sisters at a birthday. When questions arose, took care to convince Alex: Priscilla and his men were well in Arequipa.


A psychiatrist. The commander ordered Galvez Maximum Alex Maquera subdue two surveys, one psychiatric and other Handwriting to clarify the issues that forged letters using the names of their victims.

Defends it. Regina Maquera, Alex's older sister, said the murder had been pressured by their partner because they had serious economic problems at home. "She pressured, blackmailed him, my brother did not work."

Alex Ramón Maquera Atencio