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Nasty Nazi Dick
A HOAXER has revealed how he faked an “alien autopsy” using animal organs and pig brains – and managed to fool the world for over a decade.

Filmmaker Spyros Melaris led the team behind the now infamous footage claiming to show an alien from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash being dissected by medics.

The so-called Roswell Autopsy Footage grabbed headlines around the world when it was released by entrepreneur Ray Santilli in 1995.

Santilli claimed he obtained the 17-minute clip from a retired military cameraman while seeking archive material on Elvis Presley.

In fact, Spyros and his team shot the grainy black and white film in his then girlfriend's house in Camden, North London — using a foam alien sculpture filled with offal.

It was sold to TV stations in 33 countries and in 2006 inspired comedy sci-fi movie Alien Autopsy starring Geordie duo Ant and Dec.



Spyros revealed he was given a £30,000 budget and set to work creating the set, props and “contamination suits”.

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Utter bastard
If he'd taken time to hire the right people he could have fooled people for longer... i'm sure a real doctor or former doctor would have been happy to play the part.. it was real doctors who had done real autopsies who spotted the various mistakes that were made


Nasty Nazi Dick
lol, he really thinks he "fooled" the "people" for over a decade?

I knew this was a fake the moment I didnt see a glowing finger
They uses actually real animal meat and pig and sheep brain to make it look real . . . . . You gonna see glowing fingers when I gonna post autopsy of THOR.

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