Amber Alert: 3 Sisters, Mom Missing


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Bodies found in probe of alleged
abduction of 3 Tennessee sisters, mother

By the CNN Wire Staff
updated 6:17 AM EDT, Mon May 7, 2012

(CNN) -- Two bodies have been found by investigators probing the disappearance of a Tennessee mother and her three daughters, with authorities pleading Saturday for help in finding their suspected abductor -- a man they described as likely "armed and dangerous."

The FBI, in a press release Saturday, did not say whose bodies were discovered. But the federal agency did identify the man who they believe "is responsible for their disappearance" as Adam Mayes, saying an arrest warrant has been issued for him.

The husband of Jo Ann Bain, 31, reported his wife and the three girls -- 14-year-old Adrienne Bain, 12-year-old Alexandra Bain and 8-year-old Kyliyah Bain -- missing on April 27, according to the FBI. They were last seen in Whiteville, a town of about 4,600 people in western Tennessee.

Authorities "initiated contact early in the investigation" with Mayes, who was "considered a friend of the family," but he fled, the FBI said. The 35-year-old white male -- who has blue eyes and brown hair, weighs about 175 pounds and stands 6 feet, 3 inches tall -- was last seen May 1 in Guntown, Mississippi.

The two bodies tied to the case were found Friday at residences in Mississippi.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an Amber Alert that day, though it wasn't widely publicized until Saturday.

In it, authorities warned that the three sisters "may be in extreme danger" and that a kidnapping warrant had been issued for Mayes. He had recently cut his own hair and may have done the same to the three children, according to the Amber Alert

"Adam Mayes should be considered armed and dangerous," the FBI said.

The suspect, woman and children may have been en route to Arizona or Mississippi, according to the Amber Alert. Mayes has connections to Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.

The FBI and U.S. Marshals Service are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to Mayes' arrest and the missing woman and her daughters.

If you have seen either Mayes or the children, please call​
the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-TBI-FIND (1-800-824-3463)
1. Adam Mayes - Suspect​
2. Adrienne Bain, 14 - Deceased​
3. Alexandria Bain, 12 - Missing​
4. Kyliyah Bain, 8 - Missing​
5. Jo Ann Bain (Jodie), 31 - Deceased​
6. Mayes in undated photo with Adrienne and Alexandria.​


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Such a handsome fella huh? I have been following this case since I live in Tennessee, if I come across any more info I will post. Very sad case.


This shit scares the piss out of me. That poor family. That guy is very weird looking indeed. We had one missing last week from around here. This young girl met a guy online and he drove from Florida and actually picked her up at her school. Luckily they found them a few days later in another state but I shudder to think what that young girl probably went through in just those few days.


Let It All Bleed Out
Such a handsome fella huh? I have been following this case since I live in Tennessee, if I come across any more info I will post. Very sad case.
Oh ya, great looking guy, lols. But the cops put out a really deceiving "Wanted" pic of him that makes him look like a skinny little nerd when he's actually a fairly big boy.

Not sure how the police know this, but they are saying that along with Mayes cutting his own hair, that he has also cut and changed the colour of the girls' hair.

Maybe in the next day or two they'll let folks know who the 2 dead people were that they found. The mom has been removed from the Amber Alert so that could mean she was one of the bodies that they found.


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heres the latest flyer
Ya, it's been updated to remove the mother and the 14 yr old daughter. Sad, sad stuff. I have 4 daughters (22, 19, 16 and 12) and can't imagine what the father and the oldest daughter (she wasn't kidnapped with her younger sisters) are going through.

And just to add to posts about the latest:

"(CNN) -- The FBI said Monday night that a Tennessee mother and her 14-year-old daughter are dead, though the man they believe abducted them -- along with two other daughters -- remains at large.

Authorities previously reported that they had found two bodies Friday at a Guntown, Mississippi, residence tied to the kidnapping suspect, Adam Mayes. But it was not until Monday that the Shelby County, Tennessee, medical examiner positively identified the pair as Jo Ann Bain, 31, and her daughter Adrienne Bain, according to the FBI."


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When I got up this morning I saw where they identified the sad. I am wondering if the police found the hair he had cut off and possible hair dye? Have a sickening feeling that they will be too late finding the others.


Let It All Bleed Out
Kidnap Suspect Adam Mayes' Mom
and Sister Arrested in Bain Family Disappearance

The wife and mother of a kidnapping suspect have been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a family of four from Tennessee, according to a Hardeman County, Miss., court clerk.

The wife and mother of Adam Mayes were arrested for "especially aggravated kidnapping" in connection with the kidnapping of JoAnn Bain and her three daughters, who were reported missing from their Tennessee home on April 28.

The dead bodies of JoAnn Bain and her eldest daughter, 14-year-old Adrienne Bain, were found in the backyard of the Mayes' family home in Guntown, Miss. The other two daughters and Adam Mayes have not been located.

The women were reported missing on April 27 by Gary Bain, JoAnn's husband and the stepfather of the children. During the investigation, police interviewed Mayes, who admitted he was the last person to see the four women prior to their disappearance. When police went back to request a second interview later in the investigation, Mayes fled, according to the police warrants obtained by ABC News.

Details in the arrest warrants show that on April 27, Adam Mayes and his wife, Teresa Mayes, worked together to take Bain and her daughters from their home in Tennessee to Mississippi, where Adam and Teresa share a home with his parents.

Teresa and Adam's mother, Mary Mayes, both confessed to police during interviews that on April 27, they witnesses Mayes digging holes in his mother's backyard, where the two bodies were later found.

Police said they believe that Bain and her daughters were confined on the Mayes property. At some point in their confinement JoAnn and Adrienne died and were buried on the property.

"It is believed that Adam Mayes removed or confined Jo Ann Bain and her 3 a manner that substantially interfered with their liberty," the warrant states. "Concerning Jo Ann Bain and Adrienne Bain, both victims suffered serious bodily injury as a result of their removal or confinement."

Police were digging in the Mayes' yard on Monday, but have not said what they were looking for or whether they found anything.

Teresa Mayes' sister, Bobbi Booth, said her sister knew about the killings, but may have been too scared to call the police, according to the Associated Press.

During the investigation, police also found a trailer that Mayes had rented from Union County, Miss., which contained property of the two girls who are still missing and thought to be in Mayes' custody.

Mary Mayes is charged with conspiracy to committ especially aggravated kidnapping, while Teresa is charged with committing especially aggravated kidnapping.

Police are still searching for Adam Mayes and the two girls, Alexandra Bain, age 12, and Kyliyah Bain, age 8. They have said that Mayes has likely changed his appearance and that of the girls.


1. Left: Mary Mayes (mother); Right: Teresa Mayes (wife/ex-wife)

2. Camera shot from a store of Adam Mayes before he fled on Apr. 30/12.

3. US Marshalls at the mobile where Mayes lived. Jo Ann Bain and her daughter Adrienne were found buried in the backyard.


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Yea me too. Once I heard their age I had a sinking feeling this won't turn out good at all.
I'm thinking the same thing - that this won't end well. If Mayes was able to be part of the deaths of the mother and eldest daughter, then get out a shovel and bury their bodies in his backyard - then what's he got to lose now? If he was going to release the 2 younger sisters I think he would have done it by now - having such a close relationship to the family.

My first guess is that Mayes has already killed the 2 younger sisters and that he has, or soon will, off himself in some heavily wooded, remote area. Second guess is that he has the 2 sisters alive and will hold them until he is cornered somewhere by the police where he will kill them both and himself if the cops don't kill him first.

But for sure he has some kind of plan - cutting his own hair, cutting the girls' hair - doesn't sound like he intends to turn himself into the nearest police station with the girls alive. It's almost been a week and still no leads, no sightings, no contact even though the cops are all over the place like flies on shit.

Well, we can atleast still hope that the 2 sisters are alive somewhere and that this guy gets his brains blown out.


I agree with you. It makes no sense to kill the oldest but yet keep the youngest girls alive. I'd be surprised if any of the them including him are alive. I don't understand the reasoning he would have to keep them alive. I did not know that they were his daughters because when I first learned of the story they said he was a family friend didn't they? A week of no sightings isn't good at all and the fact after he had taken them he was seen on survalince buying stuff just for him really isn't a good sign.


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It seems that folks aren't sure if Mayes is the biological father of the 2 younger ones; but relatives are now saying that he "thinks" that they are his children. I suppose that can maybe explain the death of the eldest daughter - not his.

A very odd relationship between Adam and the Bain family as it appears that Adam and Jo Ann's husband, Gary, were close and good buddies. Whether they are his bio children or not, Jo Ann obviously had an affair with Adam...for a few years.

Another interesting bit is that the search is still being centred around the Guntown area - the police must have some info making them believe that he hasn't left for another state.

1. Adam "Paco" Mayes and Gary Bain (recent photo)


Just heard on a news preview they found the suspect dead.

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Looks like he shot himself when the fuzz cornered him. The girls were found safe.

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A game warden came across them in Mississippi and he shot himself in the head. The two girls are safe and in an ambulance going to New Albany. I am a bit surprised that he didn't kill the girls, but very glad he spared them.


Safe as in alive & in one piece? After such an ordeal, doubt they came out unscathed. Physically, emotionally & mentally.

Wonder what actually set this kidnapping off...