animals Anaconda eats mans leg


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Reminds me of a wildlife photo book I used to have as a kid.
Last few pages were of 3 dudes traveling down the Amazon in a canoe. The second pic showed a fucking huge anaconda that had dropped down from an overhanging tree and started wrapping around the one in front. Last pic or 2 was of his two buddies bashing the fucking thing with their paddles to try and save him, lol. :D
Did he dieded? Don't remember. thatsnice


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Aha, snakes are awesome..If you've ever seen a wild reticulated python you'll know what I mean. It's like finding some mythical creature, you don't expect things like that to exist. Becoming a snake breeder by trade's my dream job, and I'm working on it :Haplulz:


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Don't quite know what the retic was doing but they swallow their prey headfirst, he probably sliiped into a den and it thought it was a trouser snake and then wham thatsnice
Here is the story behinds this video is accurate was on a nature show many years ago.these people wrap vines around there leg then put it in the hole to get the snake to bite on then the others help pull it out,they did however say sometimes they have to cut the leg off if they can't get the snake out