Animal Crush film makers charged


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yeah, these assholes are gonna get 7 years for each vid, hopefully. This was headed toward a Magnotta situation IMHO.


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Actually,I do recall seeing a crush vid on here before. I tried to pull it up and was gonna have my guina pig (ie.the boyfriend) watch it cause I never could. But I couldn't get it to pull up. You would think since its been proven that people who abuse/torture animals are 10x more likely to become violent criminals and murderers,that they would establish better laws and stronger pentalties for shit like this... I mean,here it is. The warning of all warnings. Here's one ofthem opportunities to potentially save some lives in the future by keeping waste like this off the streets.... Smh... Hopefully they get more than most,which is usually just a slap on the wrist =(


It pisses me off how people can possibly watch that type of shit and not give it a second thought, some would say we are twisted for watching people get offed but it is not the same thing, these poor creatures are being killed on purpose to fulfill some sick fucks fantasies sexual or otherwise, there is not one vid on this site where someone is being killed to no it is not the same thing at all, plus I don't care too much about watching a beheading as it's become the norm, but animal torture/death I never will nor do I want to get used to it.


Aggressively passive amd recklessly impulsive....
Animal lovers/advocates can be some crazy motherfuckers,man.. That should begin their punishment... Lock em in a room with about 25 cat lovers... (and record what happens so we can upload it here ;)


unless there killing it to cook it and have a vid of that fuck em
abusers like that should be hung in public and filmed that would be worth posting...


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the psychology of why the crushing arouses these fucks IS interesting but i couldnt get past the doing to get to the why.

in this case i canna live and let live.

try going without sex/satisfaction for a while so that plain old missionary is a thrill


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I loathe people who torture animals, they are the biggest cowards you will meet.

I also never understood the pleasure in hurting animals. I can perfectly understand the desire and pleasure in hurting a person, but animals and small children haven't done anything to deserve being tortured.