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(Animal Warning) Ostrich Rips Its Own Head Off


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I’m guessing this is some kind of farm but all the same I want to split the owners knees, I may be in the wrong here but this is fucked
I think it is a farm but the birds appear housed in an old ballet studio as the bar the dumb fuck big bird got it's head caught under looks like one of those exercise bars they use in ballet. I understand they call it the guilotine... (just joking there...)

Perhaps it's a special avian circus and they were practicing Swan Lake for make good the greater culture of Khazikstan...

I include a picture below. Please exuse the Niglets. It's as though one is racist these days if one doesn't include a picture of a negro. Have you noticed the lastest adverts for just about anything have a token negro, asian or muslim?
but that's a rave for another racist session... yes I'm a racist cunt. But I'm not a fucking cunt so that's something.



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We have some wild ones in Australia down in outback South Australia. Got loose from an ostrich farm and have developed into a self replicating population.

Emu, which are everywhere here from the very top of tropical Aus, down through the centre and I've seen them in the snow in the sothern alps.

Smaller than an ostrich but still world's second largest bird.

Meat tastes like a cross between chicken and beef. Very nice. But hard to get. As per above, used to be in supermarkets but faded away.