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son of satan
real life is boring and ugly everyone knows this so take out your pricks and say what cartoon you would fuck or get fucked by. To start off I will show who I would let fuck me to show that I am a shameless pervert.
Kaoru- Ouran high school host club

Nightcrawler- X-men Evolution (Fuck off Alan Cummings this is the real Nightcrawler)
Peter Pan- Peter Pan (the version where he's a teenager not a little kid I'm not that fucked up)
Symbiote Suit Spiderman-Spectacular Spiderman (the gayest Spiderman title ever and also Fuck You Tobey Maguire you emo bastard)
I have some issues I know

Torque Button

"boo fucking hoo" "Die in a fire"
Hey it's not real people it is in the realm of fantasy and they are all drawn in that weird can't find they're actual age thing.

hey if that stuff is what makes you happy so be it

but srsly, what would judge judy say about this sort of thing?


son of satan
I have found some awesome and funny rule 34 and am too lazy to make another thread and this goes with the topic at hand

and the gays come in
(not sure how this works :confused:)


your friendly neighbor
Oh well.. Jessica Rabbit then ******* ***** why Peter Pan? Aladin and Spiderman wtf
I would say Tinkerbell, Jasmine and EMMA STONE

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