Anyone into noise/experimental/industrial music?

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Vacant, Composed
More into the harsher veins of noise, especially the dirtier blackened recesses but I'm open to just about anything
Do you make any yourself? or just a listener?
Any favourite artists? seems like a fairly non-descript thread
I'm addicted to WCPC, column of heaven, cremation lily, the rita and no dreams at the moment
Especially therita, I'm not the biggest fan of wall noise in general but the integration of classical combined with some of the higher yet not piercing sounds he uses, those rushing frequencies, it's perfect for getting high or sleeping anyway, a few thoughts for a probably neglected thread



Free jazz is the most extreme music I listen to. (at times)
Chick Corea, Al di MeolaProject.
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I enjoy current 93...coil...crash worship...skinny puppy...legendary pink dots...controlled bleeding...just to name a few