I used to beat off in the tub for a living, that stuffs tough to get off of your body hair. I would imagine her head as well, since she's down there.

But, good luck to you.


Something Ironic...
Pics or it didn't happen.
Ya, that's what we were thinking about while I was giving him head under water, " Oh, I'd better take A pic of this, because I know someday someone's NOT gonna believe me when I said I had done this!!" Good thing for me I don't give A shit whether you believe me or not, because my Husband,(the one I give head too) believe's me! In fact I'm gonna go get the hot tub ready for some REMINISCING tonite! Thanks for the idea!!:Hurr::woo:
Am I the only one that is disgusted by this? Just thinking that every pool I've ever been in has prolly had some dude's spooge floating around in it is kind of sickening.
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