Arab Muslim Policeman Rapes 7 Year Old Girl in the U.K.


I'm glad I don't live in an area where there are any middle eastern police. I don't think I could take them seriously enough to listen to them. I'd probably get arrested every time they stopped me. Come to think of it, I don't think that there are even any nigger police in my city, even though they are like 15% of the population.

A policeman was starting an 18-year jail sentence today for sex abuse which a judge described as one of the ‘most despicable’ cases he had ever heard.

The 43-year-old officer was sacked from Thames Valley Police after being disciplined for repeatedly threatening witnesses who had lodged complaints against him.
He had also phoned a 14-year-old girl witness in a case he was dealing with and asking her to go on a date him.

Judge Francis Sheriden jailed paedophile policeman Mohammed Younas after hearing how he raped a girl who was just seven years old and continued to abuse her for eight years.

He had also turned up to work drunk after consuming a bottle of vodka and was found wandering the streets randomly stopping traffic whilst on duty.


Fuckin scumbag, I hope they don't kill him quickly in jail, they better torture the fuck out of this cunt, make him suffer.


silent ghost
I bet where he is from, this is typical behaviour....and in many other bigger cities in the world too....
where hes from,theyd cut his fucking dick off then kill him. since hes in the uk,he'll just get jail time. whatever happens to him in there,happens.
we have white,black and hispanic cops where i live. as ry said,i wouldnt be able to take a hodgy cop seriously. ill probably tell him to bury his head in the sand!