Arcade Game Nostalgia tiem


These are great days we're living, bros
was thinking of some of the cool arcade games that ate my 20 cent coins in the past...

This would be one of the older games, maybe 20 years ago? I must have been about 12.
Elevator Action! ...basic as fuck, but worth 20 cents.

Homeless guys, junkies, drug dealers and clowns. Holy shit it's a game about my suburb.
NARC was pretty entertaining too.

Wow two joysticks! double the pleasure.

I wasted invested a lot of money on Smash TV.

Me and a guy from school RULED this game. If you dont know Contra, KILL YOURSELF.

A classic.

And the awesome

And what the fuck, it's anorexic james bond or something

A lot of these games are easily emulated these but I don't emulate shit, I'd like to remember the classics as just that, rather then play them again and be reminded how far we've come.


Laughing out loud.
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This has got to be my favourite all time pinball game, I'd play it for hours, I was obsessed about having the high scores on everything............Right to the point that I'd actully have somebody shooting for me whilst I played the multiball and I'd shout at them if they missed.... :oops:



silent ghost
this game was the shit back then! play this for hours. spend all my allowence on it. the only place it was at was round table pizza,before arcades were big.


These are great days we're living, bros
fuck i remember this game was the shit, I guess this and operation wolf were the first games to have guns as contollers on the cabinets? Pretty sure they were the first I'd ever seen.



Golden Axe, NARC, Lethal Enforcers, and Street Fighter II usually burned up most of my money on the way home from school every day. Those, or the old Black Knight pinball machine.