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Noooooo! My retarded Apple device won’t play the video.

I’m now reliant on someone describing the video in the most humorous way possible 😂.
I’m with you, my fellow MacFag. Let us hold eachother as we weep alone… without a video to watch…

Scene opens with group of guys walking through dark forest, they walk up on a guy beaten and barely conscious with his left hand hanging by a flap of skin. What I presume is his son laying across him crying.

Sorry @Flatus Tube, couldn't really make it funny, maybe someone else can.

Same :( sat all cosy on my iPad and I can’t see it :(


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I reckon if you ask the mods you could get an 'Expert' badge to go on your avatar.

Expert badge with two little .223's indicating Boy Scout level fire arms knowledge.

You'd be super cool then...