As if McDonalds Wasn't Disgusting Enough (1 Viewer)

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Fucking Cape Coral. I lived there. It was once a fantastic vacation destination and fishing place. Today is run by gangs and junkies. Shitty ass town.


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i was at a mcdonalds in a town not too far from here (norwalk) and there was this guy snot rocketing inside! it went on the floor and table. then he wiped his mouth with the napkin,and left it on the table. got up and walked away. i did the same. said somethng to the manager about what had just happened. he seemed unphased by it. i expected to see him say something to the guy and clean the area. nope. nothing. i told the mgr that it was the nastiest mc d's ive ever been in and telling everyone i know not to go there. that ill never EVER visit that establishment ever again. i reported it to the "home base"mcdonalds. i dontknow if its still there or not. never went back....
i think the food sux anyway. its only good if your constipated. hepls to get things movin again.

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