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11:30 am, January 10th, 2013
After a call-in discussion on a public-access atheist program took a bizarre turn, the hosts cut off the caller and called him a “piece of shit” for suggesting that God would not stop the rape of a child because the victims are evil just like their rapists.
The self-described Christian caller, named “Shane,” phoned into The Atheist Experience to confront its hosts with his belief that their atheist “moral code,” by definition, proves the existence of God.

Eventually, co-host Tracie Harris disputed the goodness of God by positing two possibilites for why an almighty being would allow horrible occurrences like child rape to happen: “You either have a God who sends child rapists to rape children or you have a God who simply watches it and says, ‘When you’re done, I’m going to punish you,’” she told the caller “If there was a situation where I could stop a child rapist, I would,” Harris continued, explaining that if she were to allow a child rape like God seems to do, she would be considered a “freakin’ monster” whereas God is considered almighty.
Things then took a turn for the worse, with Shane responding, “First of all, you portray that little girl as someone who’s innocent, she’s just as evil as you.”
Co-host Matt Dillahunty immediately cut off the call as an astonished Harris exclaimed that now it’s the child’s fault for the rape. “Good-bye, you piece of shit,” Dillahunty shouts, as the in-studio audience clapped.


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I wouldn't have cut him off at all I would have let him keep spouting his irrational views, all he would be doing is proving my point was correct.
Like kids can't be evil? Granted this guy was a tard and his example is moronic, but really, are kids innocent? They make "evil" and "bad" choices just as willingly as any adult.


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Religion really is like a crutch. It helps some walk through life a bit easier while others wield it like a weapon and beat you over the head with it.:unreal:
This is just a statement, not a reflection of my belief system, not a validation of anyone elses...i see this as no different than quoting mother goose...

Few Christians read their bible. I have read more of it than 99 percent of them.

Their own god said that satan is the god of this world.

Basically the theology teaches that he creates and watches. Free will....aint it a gas?!

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