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Aussie chick dies in scooter crash in Bali after posting chilling video

Discussion in 'Train, Truck, Car or Motorcycle' started by Ra's Al Ghul, May 14, 2018.

  1. Ra's Al Ghul

    Ra's Al Ghul Connoisseur of the Dead

    27 April 2017

    A Queensland woman has been found dead in the gutter after a scooter crash in Bali, just weeks after she posted a video on social media apologising to her mum for not wearing a helmet.

    Ella Makeesha Knights, 26, was found face down on the side of the road in North Kuta around 3am yesterday morning.

    The scooter was lying on its side nearby, its engine still running.

    Badung Precinct Traffic Police Chief Raka Wiratma said officers suspect she had lost control of the bike and that witnesses had reported seeing her without a helmet.

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    Ms Makeesha Knights was on holidays with her family when she was killed in a scooter crash. Photo: Intagram

    She was taken to a nearby medical clinic soon after police arrived but was pronounced dead by doctors and her body was taken to hospital.

    It is believed Ms Makeesha Knights was living and working in Sydney and had been on holidays in Asia with family and friends over the past three months.

    Ms Makeesha Knights had previously posted a video on social media where she apologised to her mum for not taking precautions while riding a moped.

    She captioned the video "sorry mum", with the hastag "no helmet".

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    Ella Makeesha Knights has been found dead in Bali following a motorbike crash. Photo: Instagram

    Originally from Cairns, Ms Makeesha Knights was living in Pyrmont in Sydney before her holiday.

    Following Ms Makeesha Knights' death, tourists have again been warned to be careful when riding scooters and motorbikes in Bali following the death of a 26-year-old Australian woman on the popular holiday island.

    A spokesperson from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) said they were assisting Ms Makeesha Knights' family but cannot provide further details due to privacy obligations.

    Ms Makeesha Knights' death comes almost a year to the day after 16-year-old Australian Lochie Connaughton died when he lost control of a scooter in Kuta while driving out of the basement of the Marriot's Stone Hotel on April 28.


    The 26-year-old had been living and working in Sydney. Photo: Instagram

    A month later Victorian firefighter Adrian Newton, 42, was killed when police said his motorbike collided with a garbage truck on May 17 in Kuta.

    Commissioner Adjutant Wiratma urged tourists to drive safely and obey traffic rules.

    "Please use a helmet, a driver's licence and other necessities," he told AAP.

    "Don't drive too fast if you don't know the area.

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    Ms Makeesha Knights had posed a video to Instagram apologising to her mum for not wearing a helmet. Photo: Instagram

    "It's such a pity when you're on holiday, but instead (of enjoying yourself) you get yourself into an accident."

    The Australian government notes that a number of foreigners have been killed or seriously injured in Bali and that anyone seeking to hire a motorbike should ensure you have insurance cover.

    "In the event of an accident, foreigners may be assumed to be at fault and expected to make financial restitution to all other parties," it notes on its smart traveller website.

    From another Bali news source:
    In the island, she visited several tourist areas.
    These areas include Ubud, Uluwatu, and Canggu.
    Thursday at 3:00 AM Ella was riding a motorcycle.
    Unfortunately, he rode the bike at a very high speed.
    Ella could not control the speed of the vehicle, and her body plunged into the trench.
    While the vehicle bounced into the middle of the field with the machine alive.
    "Upon arrival of our team there, it turns out the condition of the victim in a state of his stomach and nose submerged in the trench water," said AKP Raka.
    However, when the medical examination, it is known the victim was in a state of death.
    As a result, the victim's body was brought to RSUP Sanglah.
    "But after being examined by the medical team, the victim's life is beyond help. It may be because the victim's nose that had been submerged in water, "said officer of this Tabanan origin.
    Later it turns out Ella diligently upload photos and videos on her personal Instagram @ elaknights.
    But the last two photos she uploaded 2 days ago so the attention of netizens.
    She uploaded a ladder sprinkled with yellow flowers.
    The paper is 'This Too Shall Pass' or which means 'Everything Must Be Over'.
    Not only that, she also uploaded a photo where the beautiful woman was embracing a middle-aged man.
    The man was none other than her own father.
    A week before her death, Ella also uploaded a video of herself on a motorcycle with a woman, at that time she was not wearing a helmet.

    "Yeah girl @ rhi.zee Sorry mum #nohelmet"
    (link: )
    People also expressed their condolences to the woman.

    Knight Ella Makeesha , was killed after falling into the Canggu Highway, Canggu Village, North Kuta, Badung, Bali on Thursday (04/27/2017) at 03.00 Wita.

    Kasat Badr Police Badung AKP Putu Wiraka said, suspected victim riding a motorcycle with high speed drove from west to east. Arriving in front of the tire repair shop, the victim can not control the speed of his motorcycle and mired into the drain.

    "The victim's motor bounced into the middle of the rice field east of the road," he said.

    Previously, residents report to the Polsek of North Kuta after seeing the motorcycle that the engine is still alive in the middle of rice fields. Then, a team from the North Kuta Police went to the scene. It is true there is a white Honda Scoopy motorcycles, with police number DK 7217 QA in the middle of rice fields. The vehicle engine is still alive, while the rider is in the drain.

    "At that time our team immediately took the victim to the clinic, but after the examination the victim was declared dead," he concluded.

    her dead body in the ditch

    1 (54).jpg

    her corpse being taken away
    2 (47).jpg

    her instagram profile : Ella (@ellaknights) • Instagram photos and videos
    her Facebook Profile: Ella Knights
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  2. Yumisan

    Yumisan Horror Show.

    Listen your mom, don't do stupid things or you may end up here.
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  3. Ra's Al Ghul

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    Mommy knows best. ;)
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  4. D.O.A.


    I don't understand why my fellow Aussies visit that 3rd world shithole, the only logic can be it's dirt fucking cheap. Or maybe because wankers think drinking in various bars and spending 2/3rds of their "overseas holiday" drunk or hanging off the back of a motorbike is a "overseas holiday". The alcohol is watered down dogs piss or pure ethanol and their beaches are polluted shitholes. The whole place smells like 2 stroke lawnmowers - their motorbikes - you can take home pretty much every STD ever invented and It's also full of home grown islamic scum terrorists who will gladly murder you if you stray too far into the local community.

    I rate it 1/10 bags of dicks, should be nuked from orbit. Also Europe.
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  5. Great post mate i agree apart from England. I know it's getting a shit hole but nowhere near as bad as the rest of Europe.
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  6. Funkleburger

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  7. diehard666

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    stupid bitch should have a worn a helmet i wished her brains popped out so at least i could be entertained.fucking cunt should have died harder.
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  8. snatch

    snatch Eat shit and bark at the moon

    I dont vacation in turd world countries
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  9. Mental Puppy

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    Oh well, if she ever had a fetish of being tied up I think her last few minutes alive was fun.
  10. Deep six in Paradise

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    Yikes...stone the flaming crows, mate! I agree with you, sir.

    MISS GRUE-SUM Rookie


    So, D.O.A.--How do you really feel about third-world countries??? Now, now, don't be shy, post your comment again, and this time, don't leave anything out.....:D

    What passion! I'm almost afraid not to agree with you. :woo:
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  12. Smokinrav

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    Like Americans going to Mexico for vacation. smh
  13. Deadwomansoles

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    How come they tied her hands and feet together? I wish there was a good pic of her dead bare soles!
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  14. Ra's Al Ghul

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    Emergency responders usually tie up the hands and feet of the deceased so as to minimise them from lolling about when loading the corpses onto the morgue trays or stretchers.
  15. Deadwomansoles

    Deadwomansoles Fresh Meat

    I had no idea. I’d love to clean the soles of her dirty sweaty feet with my tongue before she cooled off!
  16. Another one bites the dust. Toll has been paid in full.
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  17. Graziani


    i can see her camel toe
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  18. cadaver1

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    If she was from Melbourne it would be more upsetting.
  19. Ra's Al Ghul

    Ra's Al Ghul Connoisseur of the Dead

    close to home, eh?
  20. cadaver1

    cadaver1 Chug on some dingus... Morbid Mania

    Close enough even know i am from the bottom of the country and she was from the top. I have never been to Queensland but it is well know for the theme parks, national parks, rain forests and and the beaches. And it is tropical weather up there a lot of the time.
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