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I can honestly say I don't think I would do as well as he does in his current situation. He has the most positive outlook which works in his benefit... Lately he's been very down, I hope to visit him soon.

Thanks for your encouragement ScHoLaR, and when I do make my next project I will be sure to share it here without hesitation, downvotes and all lol. And for the record, I am a lady. ;)
Sorry. I called you an it earlier today in some thread because you weren't quite "out" yet. :)


hmmmm springtime brings some peoples down..maybe cause its about renewal, growth, mobility,,its the season of sexuality and pollination in animal insect world..
hubba hubba hubbbbbbbaaa this my big mistake i say on you.
lady bela accept my sincere apology...i though you a man from your :p
man with gun avatar
haha bad bad me:beatadeadhorse: