baby dolls for a sicker folk


Chillin' Swede
Make sure to read the complaints people've sent in. some are quite fucking hilarious.

i came to this site not knowing what to expect, but i can tell you this, when i got here it was the most sickening, disgusting, morbid thing i think have ever seen, it amazes me on how somebody could do something this horrible!little girls are taught that baby dolls are filled with joy, and you have turned that completely around,and turned them into death filled nightmares!I know that while i slept i would not want a doll that is supposed to look like a baby looking at me with the face of death!what you do is way beyond wrong!it is giving serial killers the invitation that death is alright.....WAY TO GO YOU BASTARDS....just what the world DOESNT need,more crazy unloved FUCKS like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obviously very intelligent people that write theese complaints. :facepalm: