A 52 yo man living at home with mom n pops. They probably couldn't smell, couldn't hear, barely walk, let alone give 2 shits what their 52 year old weirdo son is doing at the ass crack of dawn!!
The mom claims she “thought they were real dolls” ya know because we always cover the faces of real dolls and layer them in tons of clothes...not to mention we all know how “real dolls” begin to smell like rot...


Agree there. Let’s be happy he never crossed the line to killing tho... that would just be so awful. God reading the mother/parents reactions on his disgusting acts is heart breaking
Where did you find these info with the parents? Can you send me a link? Please


Believe it or not these pics are not from the 60s it was around 2010- 2011... sorry, I really don’t kno how, the title lead you to think that still learning....
I meant 'Baby Doll' negligés. not the photos. It's a bed clothing for wimminz.

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A 52 yo man living at home with mom n pops. They probably couldn't smell, couldn't hear, barely walk, let alone give 2 shits what their 52 year old weirdo son is doing at the ass crack of dawn!!
yes they probably had limited mobility and called on him if they needed shit so it wouldn't be hard to get away with it... as far as smell goes idk....
Mmm.. that's properly disturbing :/ poor fuckers mind must have been a complete mess (I know it's bad for the parents of the deceased aswell).. wonder how he came to think in that way o.o hope there's some good psychological assessments or interviews around regarding him.. the fascinatingly warped depths a mind can sink to hey. Bloody mesmerising level of insanitary.. if he didn't do anything sexual, committed no violence and truly cared for the bodies that's.. I don't know, it's a bit depressing to think about, very melancholy, very disturbed.
The child taxidermist (I love taxidermy but fucking hell there's a limit lmao :') )
Paranoid schizophrenic, literary genius knowledgeable in languages and symbolism.. very well researched regarding burial rituals and rites from around the globe, pining for a child of his own but clearly incapable for the obvious reasons. Library consisting of 60'000 books many regarding black magic and occultism..
Yeah.. it's making alot of sense now.
Fine line between genius and insanity, I actually feel a little sad for the guy (unpopular opinion I'm sure).
Never know maybe throw in some biochemistry and physics knowledge he may have had his own Frankensteins daughter..
There's a sick beauty to it..
He aught to be put down
If ever there was a case to examine whether poltergeists exist, wouldn’t these little girls spirits haunt this man. I don’t believe in ghosts. I guess it’s wrong and all but really once your spirit leaves your body he’s merely desecrating the families memories of these little girls. Dude must have been one mentally handicapped individual.

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Reminds me of Carl Tanzler's preservation of Elena De Hoyos, who died of an illness Carl was trying to reverse. Elena dies at the age of 22.
Seven years later, after preserving her in formaldehyde and visiting her tomb nightly, he wheels her decaying body to his home. He performed necrophiliac acts to her body, even during/after her flesh fully decayed. To keep her looking good he coats her with wax-soaked silks, her reeking decay is continually soaked with perfumes. Elana's family wondered why he stopped visiting her grave within weeks to months notice. One night a kid saw him dancing with what "looked like a big doll". Elena’s sister eventually becomes suspicious too. She marches over to his house and Carl willingly shows off Elena’s body—or what's left of it—in his bedroom. Elena's rotted to the bone as this photo was taken.
Carl was tested and proved to be sane, and served no prison time.
Which is pretty fucking nuts.