Baby that was found in the woods, parents were found. (1 Viewer)

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The mother probably also had a mutilated pussy and the child just fell out. She probably didn't even realize she had a child.

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Yeah i know right, especially increasing numbers of pedos* think they would start to hang around them boxes for a victim.

Police are the only thing that is protecting pedos and creeps right now. When SHTF hits and the govt is no longer functional, then we can have livestreamed pedophile sting operations where the pedo gets red-misted with a .300 Win Mag or 7.62x51 NATO round from 100-300 yards away once they show up to the sting house. Sting house outside footage is BEST when viewed through a properly sighted and zeroed rifle scope.

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Good thing they found her alive. Poor baby, I hope she has a better life. Teenagers need to be given more adivice on birth control. And those drop off boxes may look kind of creepy but it's an excellent source instead of abandoning an infant.