Bangladesh's most famous hangman

It may seem an odd way to become famous, but Babul Miah has the honour of being Bangladesh's most well-known executioner, as the BBC's Ethirajan Anbarasan reports.

Mr Miah was jailed for life for committing a murder but he was released early for hanging 17 people to death inside the prison, and also for his good conduct.

Mr Miah returned to his home village of Nagor in northern Bangladesh last year after spending 22 years in prison. Though Bangladesh has dozens of hangmen, Mr Miah is considered the most famous.

In Bangladesh all hangmen are prisoners or former convicts who have trained in jail for the job.

Mr Miah is trying to rebuild his life with his family and friends in this picturesque village dotted with ponds, paddy fields and bamboo trees.

He was 17 when he was sent to prison in 1989 for a murder in his village which he says he did not commit.

"I became a hangman against my will. During my prison term the jail authorities told me that if I became a hangman, they would take two months off my sentence for every execution.

"I wanted to get out of jail early, so I took up the offer," Mr Miah said while tending to his cattle.