Be careful with those fireworks!



fucking idiot for obvious reasons and the fact so much blood is being wasted. could be used it as marinade for any meat or fish for that matter. making sausages from scratch with blood like that in them would be so delightful!!!


reminds me of a friend of mine back in my teens..till this day i'm still not sure if he held on to the m-80 to long or what made him hold the quarter stick of dynamite in his hands so long or if it was a short fuse, but he was injured really bad. Lost a substantial amount of vision on both eyes.poor chap wears thick eye glasses now. bad enough that he is an albino but i'm happy to say, that god works in mysterious ways. today he's blind as hell but is a great musician and has a girlfriend. shes not the most eye catching girl, but they love each other and that go's a long way.


Southern Charm
would love to see pics of the idiot in Maine that put a fireworks mortar on his head and fired it off...don't get how these idiots manage to hurt or kill themselves with fireworks...duh read the instructions and let go when you light the fuse.