Beaten to death by beligian police (1 Viewer)


This video was released last thursday in the flemish television, it' a documentary about jonathan jacob and how he was beaten to death by belgian police.
The incident happened 3 years ago and is well known, but it's the first time that the video is made public.

you can skip to 27 min to see the beatings.


Ad Majorem Sathanae Gloriam
It happened in my country, cops are so useless here.

The only time I saw them getting in a hurry, it was to go to the snack (I swear it's true)

One day, there was a robbery in the village next to mine (a bank was attacked). The police station is about 10 min with a car if you drive slowly. The cops were at the bank 45 min after we called them.

The mum of a friend of mine got a new boyfriend. A muslim one. He taught she was cheating on him and he beaten her several times to "punish her". My friend told the cops about it, they just went to speak with the guy who denied everything. The cops went away after few minutes, after that the guy threatened to death my friend and her mum. They called the police and what did they say? We went last day and it was ok, let it go. Now they are hiding from the guy...

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