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Butterflies often feed from decaying animals, rotten fruits, blood, animal feces and urine. Flowers alone do not provide enough sodium for butterflies, so they are attracted to salty things. If a butterfly has ever landed on you, it is not because it likes you or because you look particularly like a flower; actually, it is because the butterfly was attracted by the smell of salt in your sweat and blood and it wanted to eat you, but its proboscis was so tiny that you didn’t feel it sucking at you.


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When I was a kid I was with a few friends and we found a massive caterpillar. It was on a tree and was about 5-6" long. In England we don't have big butterfly's so I have no idea how it ended up there.
I imagine it would have grown into something special.
But as we were kids I'm ashamed to say we killed it. I couldn't say why. I feel really fkin bad about it.
Another time at school a lad came in with hundreds of caterpillars so we all got one as a pet. I put it in my shirt pocket and I couldn't find it after a few lessons so I thought it escaped. It didn't, it was right at the bottom in the stitching. Then I developed a rash all over my chest which I had for months.
No butterfly stories.

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