Before then after surgery and ongoing healing process of damaged arm.

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    A horrific car accident occurred in May 2014. The driver of an SUV fell asleep at the wheel and ended up flying through the vehicle. When he awoke his nightmare began. He found his left arm trapped under the vehicle, completely destroyed.

    In the hospital, the prospects looked terrible. Below the shoulder bones were fractured, and ligaments could barely hold the elbow. They had even thought about amputating the arm. To his luck, time healed the wounds, as we see in this sequence of photos taken in the period of six months.









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  2. Domino69

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    Amazing what can be done now and, what's with the last pic? Is he showing off his 'muscles'? Jesus buddy, eat a sandwich.
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  3. Silhouette

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    Nice set of piks, it's nice to see the whole process, the first pik is cool! Completely healed in 6 months, docs did good! :tu:
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  4. _Xtina_

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    He's lucky. Hospital and rehab bill in the many tens of thousands, I'm sure.
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  5. FallenSentry

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    nice recovery, awful tribal tattoo
  6. msr

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    But he still has the arm, which is worth any amount. He does need to pull up his fucking pants.
  7. You'd think they'd have given him a sammich or two in the hospital, damn.
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  8. Staggerg

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    He's a very lucky guy to have his arm let alone having heald so well.
  9. Max Dalton

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    Muscles like knots in a midges cock :4thelulz: