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Laughing out loud.
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What on earth will they come up with next???

Welcome to this site is dedicated to all who have gone before us. Having had many battles in our efforts to maintain our 'Live Coffin Cams' within the interiors of our subjects' caskets. We have succeeded once again & we are in the process of hooking up our first live feed in almost 2 years! (legal battles in two countries have now been settled) We will hopefully start our next broadcast from the Phillipines, where we have secured the rights to our very own burial ground. [undisclosed to protect gravesite]
DecompCAM is a full service remote video provider. We proudly serve our clientele by providing the absolute best in decomposition monitoring. Our service is unparalelled at any price. We provide the following:

Crypo-CAM® video monitoring of your loved one's decomposition from right inside the casket.

CremaCAM® video monitoring of you loved one's cremation. This service does involve additional charges due to equipment loss.

DumpedDecompCAM® video monitoring of your victim's decomposition Live and discrete. Simply contact our 24/7 professionally staffed customer service center with the location of your victim's body and we will provide a Live view of the body 24/7.

We accept PayPal, Check, Moneyorder or MC/Visa.


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nooo shit,hu? prety cool...
yea,imagine viewing your loved one,and getting flipped the bird! thatd be tits.

oh btw, anyone catch where the crypo and crema cam said you can see your loved ones decompose. and with the dumped decomp cam,you get to see your victim decompose?

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