Best Band(s) In Your Opinion?


Ad Majorem Sathanae Gloriam
Metallica. I had the chance to see them performing, the show was awesome. Their songs are very creative, Hetfield's voice is well reputed in metal and Hammett's solos are epic


Caring about anything is gay.
You're getting a bit long in the tooth for kids punk bands. And the rolled up pants make you look like an idiot. Please stop this beauchamp asap. Thanks.

Big Wreck
Tragically Hip
Ian and Sylvia Tyson (And the great speckled bird)
Three Days Grace
RUSH. Oh well.


Fresh Meat
There are way too many bands that I have loved over the years and still do to this day although I don't listen to them with the fervor I did in the past. If I had to pick a small few right at this moment they would be:

Iron Maiden

I hate to admit it but I'm not up-to-date with most bands out today. I listen to mainly old albums.
You old fucks.

Dropkick Murphys
Flogging Molly
Mayday Parade
Saves the day
Sex Pistols
Velvet Underground
Dead Kennedy’s
Alkaline Trio

Suicide Boys are great live.


Uppity cunt
Love so many bands from so many genres. usually play metal, but will admit (on here only) I secretly play Take That and Cher. met ( I used to work for Ents at Uni) and seen tons of my heroes Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Napalm Deth, Lawnmower deth, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, so many more, shagged a couple and caught one wanking..But my heart belongs to Motorhead and Lemmy, Legend, God, Gentleman, friend.