Best Band(s) In Your Opinion?


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what i download in my cel phone. to listen every day.
venom - ressurection
Iron maiden - the number, piece of mind
Iron maiden - paul di anno
exodus- bonded by blood
I heard the full bonded by blood album for the first time in years other day Grazi. It's fucking mad i forgot how good exodus was.
I'm going to the download festival in melbourne later in the year. Judas priest are playing i have only heard a few songs. I am mainly there for SLAYER AND OZZY but i was considering watching there set wino.

I would be front and center if I had the chance. Enjoy the gig looks like a great line up.

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i like several bands, but to me AC/DC is the best.


silent ghost
i listen to different genres these days. well metal,classic rock,country (yes country so shut the fuck up about it.... ) thrash. so its hard to pin point one specific one. they're all good/great in their own way. yes some stand out more than others. but id have to say though,metallica. hatfield is a musical genius (imo). he writes all the lyrics and music for each instrument. hence why they were on hiatus for a while. the band couldn't take his "my way or the highway" bullshit attitude anymore.
then sebastion bach is awesome as well....

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Acid bath, electric wizard, coldworld, love life, Jimi hendrix experience, captain beef hearts magic band, wreck and reference, ornette colmans band, the necks, those poor bastards, el-ahrairah, white suns, coven..
Favourite bands off the top of my head... But favourite musicians is far easier and more accurate... Mostly listen to one man projects and what not, not too sure if they'd count here


This guy's catalog is immense and runs across any genre - Devin Townsend
Strapping Young Lad
Devin Townsend Project
Casualties of Cool