Beware of jumping whales if you’re sailing off South Africa

Beware of jumping whales if you’re sailing off South Africa

Ralph Mothes and Paloma Werner of Cape Town Sailing Academy in South Africa are old hats when it comes to expeditions on the open seas. But there's no way they could have anticipated Sunday's wildlife encounter when they set out for a routine sail near Robben Island: A 40-ton whale leaped out of the sea and landed on the deck of their boat, the London Daily Telegraph reports. Luckily, Mothes and Werner both came away alive, as did the whale.




Breaching I think it's called. I think it was dumb luck but there may have been a calf involved not sure. They are said to be very protective of thier calves.

It would ruin ya fucking day tho wouldn't it ! lol

Wayne Kerr

a fuck off is always acceptable*
this happened recently enough off the coast of santa barbara. it breached onto their sailboat 2 times, sinking it. "experts" said it may have had a calf... my memory fails me again. i did get the 2 times part right though...

Incident near Santa Barbara, Feb. 2, 2006

"A large gray whale charged a 27-foot boat on a sightseeing cruise off Santa Barbara, totaling the vessel and sending one of one of its passengers to the hospital. The Bayliner was cruising off Leadbetter Beach Wednesday evening when the whale came up from under its right bow, belly-flopped onto the ship, and crushed its cabin."
"Gormley says the whale emerged from the water again and ran its tail along the boat's flank, knocking over Bob Thornburgh and tearing down the vessel's railing."

"The whale then approached the boat a third time. Gormley estimates the animal as being about 30 feet long."

"Bob Thornburgh was briefly treated for cracked ribs at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. His wife says it seemed like the whale had consciously collided with the boat."

"But Wayne Perryman, a researcher with the National Marine Fisheries Service in San Diego, says the boaters probably encountered a gray whale, which are common in waters off southern California this time of year, and rarely show aggressive behavior." Source.
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