Bianico & bueno trancsripts!

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Can anytime point me in the direction of these transcripts?... are they even posted here? I know Harley poster them over at goregasm but I’ve not seen them since?... awesome piece of work to have if anyone can help I’d be ect grateful ? cheers sil x


My sister used to penpal with Kenneth Bianchi for a while, she has loads of letters from him that he wrote in prison (although I've never read any of them) and he swears he's innocent!


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Needed something good to read, had never heard of these two.
These were the two men responsible for The Hillside Strangler murders.
Currently, GG has a good collection of the murder crime scenes as well as summaries of the accredited victims. Brutal shit.
There are several film portrayals of their murder spree.

If someone can find a copy of court or confession transcripts, I would not turn down a gander


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Currently Kenneth Bianchi is in Wa state at the Wa. State Pen in walla walla. You can write to him. You can also public disclosure his court paperwork or request police reports through the county of conviction. I believe in Wa. It was Whatcom county. Not sure for CA. He will never go to Ca since he finished his spree in Washington killing I believe 3 and having multiple other suspected killings. He is also under the ISRB ( indeterminate sentence review board) since he was originally convicted before there were “fixed” sentences. So you can also contact the ISRB for copies of his “decisions and reasons” which is similar to a parole hearing.. however we don’t have parole in Wa. State... so it’s a board of people deciding whether he can move from serving time on one charge to the next.
Some ISRB decisions and meeting notes are available at and clicking on ISRB. His transcripts are a good read. Good luck