Bizarre Video shows Pissed Off Redneck Dad Spank his Daughters Boyfriend for having Sex with Her


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Are you fucking kidding me? What A stupid SOB! He shoulda handed the kid A box of condoms because they are gonna fuck like rabbits getting back at Daddy!!


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It looked like the boy got spanked on his own property. If I were the boyfriend I'd have told the old coot to fuck off, walked back inside and shut the door in his stupid face. If he didn't leave I would have called the police to have him removed, and if he tried to break and enter I would have shot him. Don't care whose daddy he is, I am not going to lay down and let some old man spank me.


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Thats hilarious, the dad owns that kid now.. That was way better then an ass kicking.. He's gonna have to deal with the fact he laid down for another dude and got a bare assed spanking on camera for the rest of his life..