Brazilian brothers named Hulk and Conan inject themselves with dangerous chemicals

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“Pea Brain” doesn’t even begin to describe their mind set at how ridiculous this is. Addiction in any form is a bitch but neither one of these fucks is long for this earth if they keep this shit up. I’d even have to say it’s probably to late to reverse the damage they’ve done to themselves. 16” arms are more than enough for the average man as you can do all the normal day to day activities like wipe your ass and scratch your balls, which for me is way more important than the false pride I’d get by being a muscle head. Most of my youth I raced Motocross and having big arms wasn’t helpful at all but I think the biggest deterrent to taking steroids and getting bigger like a lot of guys in college were doing was how it made your junk small and useless fuck that!

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Who in the hell do they think they're fooling? Yeah guys! You really put your heart and soul into your workouts. Lazy fools.