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Equal Hater

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The left is the nayny party.

We'd be fucked, if it was anyone else who got in. I don't understand how people rail incessantly about the unfounded corruption alleged against Donald Trump but would gladly vote for democrats with well founded and proven track records of shit baggery. Seriously, would you have wanted Hillary in the White House?

If a democrat isn't utterly corrupt then they are utterly, fucking retarded. Many are both. Republicans are generally not much better. At least they are not mostly retarded. Trump is not republican. He was smart to hijack the party because independents generally don't stand a chance and just siphon votes away from one of the other parties. We'd have ended up with another life long member of the 'good ol' boys' club. Those fuckers need to be gone.

This impeachment bullshit is going to secure his second term. The witch hunters got nothing on him and nobody gives a shit except the sore ass losers. They have no first hand witnesses everything they do have is thirdhand hearsay.

MAGA bitches!
I didn't like Hillary either, that we agree on and also on the corruption running both sides of the isle. Trump has been an absolute disaster on many levels, and the hijacked republican party is no longer but a bunch of assholes too scare to tell Donald when he fucks up, which is often and yuuge. The impeachment bullshit is not so much in my opinion, and the reason why you don't have "firsthand" testimony or proof is because he stonewalled by not allowing firsthand witnesses to testify (and either bury him or perjure themselves) and keeping thousands of official records to show his crimes from being released by the white house. He also keeps bitching about the impeachment being a sham and not being able defend himself, yet he refused to either send his counsel to testify, testify himself or allow key people who could "defend him" testify.