Bus Falls Off Bolivian "Death Road" (1 Viewer)


Congrats Wino, ya done scooped!

I blame this on the fact that there's only really one video section for gore, and then there are other subcategories but only for images apparently, while everything else that isn't explicitly bloody (no matter how much implied violence it contains) goes into non-specific and very broad categories elsewhere.

I gave up spending more than ten seconds deciding where to post something, probably failed this time.


Someone else, should of grabbed the camera from the guy holding it.

...then, toss his worthless ass off the cliff, right behind the bus driver.

It may be, that the shock of it all, caused him to put the camera down.

However, he should of had the presence of mind, to realize that there

was a lot of people here in this forum, who were expected to be thoroughly

entertained by this mishap. :(

(however, listening to that ole bus motor revving up, right before the fall,

was kinda neat) :)

Bethy 🔥

Sometimes life aint fair kiddo..
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Wow all those passengers need to thank God that they were unloaded from the bus :woo:imagine watching the bus go over knowing that could have been you inside :outtahere:

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