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California man arrested Monday used an ice pick to murder his grandmother before being found eating her by his aunt, authorities say
Police say they found Dwayne Wallick, 37, 'straddled' over 90-year-old Ruby Wallick 'actively pulling out her flesh with his hands' after they were called to the Richmond home by the victim's daughter.

Wallick has been charged with murder, with an enhancement to include the use of the ice pick and a knife. He also faces mutilation charges.
Ruby's daughter is said to have found her mom 'bleeding on the family room floor and her nephew in the room covered in blood' before calling police.
In a statement police said: 'Officers entered the residence and found 37 year old Dwayne Wallick straddling his 90 year old grandmother, Ruby Wallick. Dwayne was actively using his hands to assault the victim’s neck and head.'

Law enforcement say they were forced to taser Wallick, who had been his grandmother's primary caregiver for a number of years, after giving him 'numerous commands and orders for him to stop his assault'.

The spokesman added: 'Four officers physically had to restrain him to get him into handcuffs. While doing so, Dwayne attempted to continue his assault on his grandmother.'

Ruby is said to have been 'missing pieces of flesh' and paramedics were called.
Richmond Police spokesman Sgt. Aaron Pomeroy told The LA Times: 'I’ve seen it all in 26 years of law enforcement, I have never seen a crime scene of a victim that badly injured.'

Pomeroy said it is believed Dwayne Wallick - who has no criminal history and no known mental health issues - may have taken a synthetic drug.

Ruby was pronounced dead at the scene. An autopsy is pending into the cause of death.



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Black-in-black crime (as opposed to black-on-black crime? get it? He ate her- black in black :Happy: ? Forget it 🤷‍♀️).
Ed Kemper style. Another corona quarantine victim.

I need the crime scene photos on this one Stat. They’re gonna be cray-zee


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I would say Bath Salts, but possibly Spice.

A psychotic break leading to murder and cannabilism is possible, but usually we see these cases with people who have severe Mental Health pathology.

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