casey anthony: not guilty


is this like the white OJ now?
Absolutely... When it comes to a miscarriage or travesty of justice this country is all about fairness and equality.
No discrimination here... regardless of race, sex... or whatever, everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to make a complete mockery of our Criminal Justice system (in this case, our "courts") and exhibit it for what it truly is... a complete joke. (Brain cells weren't a requirement for jury duty in this case)
God bless technology for the ability to display such absurdities for the entire planets amusement.

backwoods boy

white minority
There are always a handful of guilty fuckers that walk, Claus von Bulow, O.J., Robert Blake, now Casey Anthony. My personal favorites are Texans (Candy Mosler and Melvin Lane Powers) followed by T. Cullen Davis of Fort Worth, Tx.

Happened 30 years before I even born but to this day Mosler/Powers names and ecentric "rich folk antics" still crop up. Houston Even with all its faults, U.S. still has better legal system than other countries. Rather see a few fuck wads walk than see thousands of innocents tortured and executed like they are in Middle east and other 3rd world countries.