Gore Classic ChainSaw Beheading Mexico Cartel


I'm from el paso tx and this is always in the newaa I'm sure uou guys now about Juarez. Anyways ya they torture them I highly doubht they would drug Them. Of course its hard to cut head off while squggiling. Idk fuckin brutal though. :drool:!:isaw::fapfap:


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They knew what was coming, what else are they going to do? Probably sat in on a few executions of their own. And, no, they weren't drugged, they're resigned to their fate. When someone props you up against the wall with your arms tied behind your back, in Mexico, and busts out a video camera, I think you know. And, if you thought that these mens were most likely going to forward the tape on to your family, or just in public, you going to sit there crying? Nope. They wanted to go like men. The nephew looks VERY intently at the camera a lot, looks like he's trying to convey a silent message to me, maybe to his family. Either way, sad, but running with the bulls isn't smart if you can't take the horn


They were sloppy, i mean for being a cartel who does things like you'd think they'd be a little neater after doing it so many time :p


What the heck!
They both looked pretty calm speaking about what they had done to be in their present situation, chainsaw victim was saying something about 300 pesos my Spanish is not so great but if he sold then out for that much that was his last and most cheapest mistake he had done.
ya the one dude would make 300 pesos per drug deal that he did, and they are talking about the 2 being informants that were members of the cartel, the lowest level


Does anyone have a link to a translation of they said?

Hope I have the balls to face death like these guys, real men.

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did i miss something? why did one get the chainsaw and the other the knife? the knofe is brutally slow! the sounds coming from his severed windpipe was soooo fucked!


They both looked like they gave zero fucks. What I always question with these videos why do they not try to DO something? They just fucking sit there.
They are usually drugged, just enough to make a person easy to manage without making them unconcious. In Saudi Arabia it is a standard practice to drug execution victims before they get the chop, so I'm sure they do it in other countries too. Not sure what drug they use but I suspect it'll either be a tranquiliser or barbituate such as ketamine or sodium pentathol.