Cheating wife slashed up something fierce

I would never hack you up Catalina, I would be a good Mexican boyfreind and get my head cut off for you, your hot. However I wouldn't want some cartel to dismember you because you were my girlfriend. That's what makes the Cartel savages , they go after innocents.
Why thank you I'm very flattered😊 although I don't think I would want to be hacked or cut up in any form or fashion and I definitely wouldn't go out with any member of the cartel no way Jose !!!!


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You're just a light brown nigger too shit. I told you this already.
Right , but you support a political party that panders to us light brown niggers, lol speaking Spanish at the debates, absolutely cringe. I think your just mad because white woman age like milk.
I'm not in to religion or a bible thumper , but if God exists, he certainly isn't in the hearts of these Mexicans. They are savages produced by a combination of poverty, low morals, and an overall culture with a dog eat dog mindset. I'm a filthy Mexican/Indian and we are descendants from Aztecs and conquerors from Spain, I hear that these executions are just all " Business " I highly doubt that. You can tell they enjoy killing , they get off on it, and whatever part makes them human is shut off.
Guatemalans, Mexicans, sub Saharan Africans, a fair amount of Brazilian's, a fair amount of s.e asians really.. alot of this world is still far more primitive than people like to admit :/ shame really but we all were at one point


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The video is real but as usual once gore dudes get their hands on it they have to give it the dramatic douchebag spin making her deserving of the treatment by being a cheater. This is nothing more than an abusive husband and father killing the mother of his children in front of them. According to some non english news sources, it's a kid in the background.

I had seen it before with a different story.

I found this on another site, it's from 2018.
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Spurious yet i cry
This is just high quality gore, a win win win. First, it serves that 3rd world whore bitch right, I guarantee that's the last time shes ever cheating on her psychotic Mexican boyfriend. Secondly, the Crazy husband got his revenge , it must of been satisfying to hack that bitch up. Thirdly, we are entertained by high quality gore , we are also giving awesome Halloween ideas. I wish I could chop up that bitch bgril like that.
bgirl would kick the living shit outta you and you KNOW it.