Check Out My New Bike.

Jeebus!?!? wheres the "WIDE LOAD" TRUCK? and god forid that behemoth hits the pavement :(

after taking all the info in the pic into consideration, this is whats happening:

Driver: Member of local cannibal klan, the klan has fell on hard times, no food
Large female monster: Dinner for klan for months
Motocycle: Dinner is trapped, must make ride if wants to live, typical cannibal technique
Sparks: Preheating dinner
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Strange...what is sparking there ? The rubber, the lightmetal, the what..??
I think its photo shopped. Theres nothing up there that could spark unless the frame burned through the tire and was grinding on the steel belt of the tire. If thats the case those 2 are moments away from death in that picture.
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