Chicago Negroes Shoot 67 Other Negroes Over 4th Of July Weekend (1 Viewer)

Ward Cleaver

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67 Negroes Shot In Chicago This Weekend...So Far...

But We Won't Know The Total Amount Of Negroes Shot And The Full Body Count Of Dead Negroes Until The Weekend Officially Ends At Midnight.

Where Is "Black Lives Matter?" Where Are The Cries For "Justice" From The "Protesters?"

nahh, not really. chicago metro is home to 10 mill people. not all areas are bad. as a general rule, i avoid Southeastern side towards Scary-Gary Indiana. but Orland Park is very decent and upscale (near the malls at least).
Orland Park isn't Chicago at all tho. Avoid the south and far west sides of chicago. Also a very small portion of the north east side, only a few square blocks near the city line, is also dangerous.


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These young dumb boys. The age stats of the reported shooters that are picked up in the areas that coincide with the extreme gun violence, are even more insane than the number of people shot. (probably more get off than actually caught at least the first one)). I am so glad I was raised by the men.................. These hoes have 3 or 4 children killed on the same block never move, have 3 or 4 more babies and all of it is tax payer funded. So yeah as long as they want to do that over there have at it, not like anyone the entire country, me, BLM for that matter care about it TBH we pay for it and watch like the cinema...............................


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That's why they call it Chiraq.

Chiraq is probably more dangerous than Iraq lol. But it is really close to home so you should visit sometime lmao. The Chiraqian militants don't have the same artillery capabilities the Iraqians, but those mf'ers probably have more sophisticated small arms. gen 6 laser cut oem trigger installed glocks and shit. How tf a 13 year old with not job, that only sells a petty amount of weed (because the crack heads are dying off and the pharmacy drugs etc etc) have the ability to afford a custom glock. With work done to it that the boy doenst even understand the benefit or underlying mechanism.................. Parents should be in jail.....................

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