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A Chicago school has banned homemade lunches to protect students from their parents' bad choices, the Chicago Tribune reports.

But students at the kindergarten-through-8th grade Little Village Academy say they are often forced to go hungry because school lunches are so bad. ...

Insane on so many levels. If I had a child in a puplic Chicago school, I'd pull him out over something like this. Not that I'd let my child go to a public school in the first place. I bet they will allow the few Jewish and Muslim students to still bring their own lunches that are 'clean'.

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first it was the kind of clothes. now its food. whats next? cant use the comics as book covers?

No. They can still use comics as book covers, they are just not allowed to bring in any books into the school that are outside the curricula.:unreal:


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How are school lunches healthier? Oh wait, they've got milk instead of soda! Hooray for the school board!

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