China is a bloodsucking parasite

I've had enough of their dumbshitfuckery. Even my own people in Indonesia, Philippines, or Malaysia are not that stupid to eat living mouse or under-cooked bats.

SARS 2002
H1N1 2009
Bird Flu 2013

After this is all over, we need a "Punch a Chink Day" or better yet just nuke cing cong dipshit ling tong ting tong. 1 nuke for every each 1 death.

Sincerely, Asian-American.



Kneeling for the flag 101
Don't forget these rat fucks created this problem.

...opened mainland China's first biosafety level 4 (BSL–4) laboratory in 2015...

just 30km from the "animal market" epicentre

In 2015, the Institute published successful research on whether a bat coronavirus could be made to infect HeLa. A team from the Institute engineered a hybrid virus, combining a bat coronavirus with a SARS virus that had been adapted to grow in mice and mimic human disease. The hybrid virus was able to infect human cells.[8][9]


While Ebright refuted several of conspiracy theories regarding the WIV, he told BBC China that this did not represent the possibility of the virus being "completely ruled out" from entering the population due to a laboratory accident.