China is a bloodsucking parasite


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Mr.Trump loathes China he would like to break all ties with them having anything more to do with the US ,when the libtards caught wind of this they all had a meltdown hahahaaa ,fuck china the fucks will eat any other living thing including human fetuses fuck it lets nuke china off the face of Mother Earth!!

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Stop picking on the chinks. Its not their fault. The slanty eyed little ambassador to the UK said so in a recent interview with Sky.


They have another outbreak and have locked down 104,000,000 people. Now its a mutated version of THEIR chinavirus. And in true fashion the cunts are blaming europe.

About time the world boycotted their shite, shoddy, nasty, cheap, crap, goods. The UK have decided not to buy their shitty 5g kit now, in order to become less reliant on china. Fuck the commi little bastards.


He's right about the baby formula those gook cunts are emptying the shelves all over oz and then send it back to that shit hole they call a country

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Sometimes life aint fair kiddo..
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白种 就是就是就是垃圾。全球黑人和黄种人以及其他人种联合起来。把地球上所有的白种垃圾给核爆了
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China is building up to compete with the US in everything.

Unfortunately, I don't see it ever happening. The USD is what all currencies are compared to right now. If that changes, then you will have problems.

Clinton and Obama continued favorable trade policies with China while they were taxing our imports. The Clintons and Joe Biden sold out to Chinese interests many years ago. For those of you who live in California, your high end real estate is partially owned by Chinese investors who don't even live in the country.


how to explain 2 million corona Virus Sick men in USA ? smoebody go out to work and study without Medical marks. who can help you ?


I CAN'T BREATH ! Look, This is white men police dealing suspects 's way.They can do this for every colour suspects ,( about Chinese, Asian ,blackpeople ,Japanese, Korean)make them can't be breath. So damn good, hehe.