Chinese boy has his arm ripped off by bear he tried to pat


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Did anybody in this thread actually read the link with it? Or was it added at a later date? It clearly says he was with his grandfather, he went to buy sweets and while he wasn't watching the boy then climbed over the railing and tried to pat the bear when it mauled him. His grandfather is largely to blame here as well as the zoo for the inadequate fencing around the cage, this is why you can't take your eyes of your kids for a second he clearly didn't understand the danger he was putting himself in.

An absolutely horrific and tragically avoidable situation the poor kid is going to be scarred physically and mentally for the rest of his life, altough at the very least he is alive.

Looks fake as shit to me. Looks like the bulge of his arm in the front of his jacket and the arm in the cage looks like rubber and has no blood on it. You can even see the perfectly smooth end on the last pic. Halloween stunt maybe?


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Looks fake but if not it is weird. Kids just shit there goes my arm. Damn I want an icey.

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I hope someone bought him a balloon and some popcorn. No trip to the zoo is complete without those. Hopefully that will take his mind off losing his job at the Apple factory.