chrysler to stop making the minivan


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No car is synonymous with Chrysler quite like its minivan.

The company invented the modern-day version of the family hauler in the early 1980s, transforming the way families traveled. The company perfected their masterpiece with the advent of Stow N’ Go seating, along with other innovations in the minivan market. In a book released earlier this year, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author names the Chrysler minivan one of the 15 most-influential American cars in history.

Now, the company is walking away from that legacy.

Chrysler will end production of the Town & Country in 2014, according to multiple reports, and replace it with a small crossover that is similar to the 700C concept that was unveiled at the Detroit auto show earlier this year. CEO Sergio Marchionne announced the news during a media gathering at Chrysler’s assembly plant in Belvidere, Ill., last week.

What does that mean if you’re shopping for a minivan in the months ahead?|main5|dl5|sec1_lnk3&pLid=203930

the 700c




don't worry, they'll just slap a chrysler badge on a fiat multipla and sell it as the latest wonder of american technology.


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I love Chevy Tahoe and blazer lines... Tho over time they look more and more like minivans
I am a big fan of Chevy Tahoe, my brand new one is now totaled since I rolled it recently:( I have been driving them for over 6 yrs now, I trade in about every 2 yrs. Idk what I will do if they ever quit manufacturing them.